Summit™ ST

The Second Chance® Summit ST came from the desire to build an all DuPont Kevlar® package. DuPont Kevlar fibers have pioneered the industry in the science of ballistic protection for over 40 years. The Summit ST capitalizes on the rich tradition of offering the utmost in protection and comfort found in all Second Chance products by reuniting Kevlar with GORE-TEX® fibers to create one of the thinnest, most flexible and comfortable vests available.


DuPont™ Kevlar® - The Summit ST features an advanced all Kevlar hybrid design providing for unmatched ballistic protection in a thin, flexible design.

Honeywell Gold Shield® - This patented, unidirectional, Kevlar® aramid fiber provides substantially heightened protection against special threats, simultaneously offering excellent fragmentation defense and blunt trauma reduction without concession in comfort.

Unequal Technologies® - DEFCON is a patented composite technology that is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable. This proprietary formulation offered by Unequal maximizes absorption and dissipation efficiencies of energy, reducing more blunt force trauma in one panel than several layers of traditional ballistic materials combined.
*Only in IIIA

GORE-TEX® – GORE-TEX fibers and patented comfort technology delivers contamination resistance and breathability. This high-performance textile dramatically reduces heat buildup by allowing moisture vapor to dissipate, keeping the officer cooler and ultimately more comfortable.

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