The Second Chance® PRISM® MT provides combination multi-threat protection against circular penetrator and ballistic threats. Featuring woven aramids, the PRISM MT incorporates Twaron® Microflex™ corrections material and Geometric™ technology for the optimum protection against spike, stab, and ballistic threats specific to the corrections market.


Twaron® Microflex - Twaron Stab Resistant Material (SRM) provides an unprecedented degree of protection against correctional threats, without using any metallic structure.

Hybrid Technology - The PRISM® Multi-Threat utilizes Twaron® woven aramids and Honeywell Gold Shield® ballistic materials along with Twaron Micro Flex Stab Resistant Material in its hybrid design. The combination of these materials provides dependable protection while maintaining a thin and lightweight design, providing the perfect balance between blunt trauma reduction, ballistic and stab resistance.

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